GIRO di Chicago 1999

by: Dr. Desmo 09/12/99

Image of mvc-001f.jpg

Before the ride at 9am looking West on Ohio Street

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Site of the Auction 09/13/99 at 215 W. Ohio St.

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three soon to be famous gentlemen

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the registration tent with friendly guests

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motorcycle auction consultant extraordinaire: Buzz Walneck

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The most coveted item in the auction: MH900e prototype

Image of mvc-011f.jpg

right side closeup showing clutch of carbon and titanium

Image of mvc-013f.jpg

left side closeup of chain drive details

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disc brake made from Selcom: a silesium/carbon mix that glows red in the dark!

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original Webmaster for Dr.D and practical joker!

("you have great friends,  you're a rich as can be -
cause money can't buy what your friends can do for free")
Lee McBee